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Yoga and Dolomites: a perfect harmony

The first studio dedicated to yoga in Alta Badia

The Yoga Studio Dolomites in San Cassiano in Alta Badia is the first yoga facility in Val Badia. You find the ideal environment to learn about this ancient practice, aimed at achieving harmony between body and mind. The competence and passion of Alexandra, certified IYENGAR® YOGA instructor, will guide you on a fascinating journey of awareness towards physical and mental well-being. What better location than San Cassiano, pearl of Alta Badia, to marry the sense of harmony and spiritual peace that this practice instills? Yoga and the Dolomites, a magical combination!

Yoga, my passion, my profession

Alexandra Din, a yogini in Alta Badia

I was born in Bucharest on August 30, 1981 and since 2008 I live in San Cassiano in Alta Badia. I started practicing yoga in 2010. This ancient discipline was extremely suitable for me, having immediate beneficial effects on the physical level. The practice has improved my physical health, I have experienced vitality, greater flexibility, balance, greater concentration and awareness. While practicing, I observed how yoga affects my nervous system, my endocrine system, my immune system as well as making the mind more calm.

After several years of practice in Italy and abroad (India, Spain, Germany), having experimented with different styles of HATHA YOGA I chose to deepen my practine in IYENGAR® YOGA. After a three-year training at the IYENGAR® YOGA Institute in Florence, under the guidance of Gabriella Giubilaro, I graduated, obtaining the international certification of IYENGAR® YOGA INTRODUCTORY 2 INSTRUCTOR, at the Light on Yoga Italy Association.

I continue to regularly update my practice by taking advanced classes in Italy and abroad. I currently conduct lessons in Italian and English in San Cassiano in Alta Badia where I founded the Yoga Studio Dolomites, the first and only yoga studio in Alta Badia.
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Body and mind merged in a perfect balance

A millennial practice that instils well-being, both physical and mental

Yoga is a thousands of years old discipline, born as a method of controlling the mind. With the passage of time, the Indian sages realized that in order to do this one had to learn to control the body, the breath and the senses of perception. There are no precise limits between mind and body, one influences the other. Even modern science today recognizes this connection. Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of completeness, to find an inner peace that is not weakened despite the frenzy and the problems of contemporary society.

The practice of yoga has no contraindications, even if the effects are slow and gradual because the transformation takes place inside and therefore the body needs time to transform itself.

According to the philosophy of yoga, everything is permeated by an energy, prana, spread everywhere, even in each of us. If there are closed and compressed areas in our body, prana cannot flow and this condition can give rise to many diseases. Yoga, acting on the whole organism, opens the closed and tense parts, allowing the energy (prana) to flow and purify the body and therefore heal it. Doing it in a context like Alta Badia will be even more memorable!

IYENGAR® YOGA, an effective method for everyone

IYENGAR® YOGA is named after the master B.K.S. IYENGAR®, a modern yogi who died a few years ago, who tried to spread yoga to ensure that everyone could benefit from this discipline. One of the principles discovered by B.K.S. IYENGAR® is that the positions, if kept for a short time, have an effect on the muscular and skeletal system. Instead, they give a physiological effect and an effect on the nervous system and mind if held even longer. The specific feature of the IYENGAR® style, compared to other styles of hatha yoga, includes a clear demonstration of the positions (asanas) by the teacher, the great attention paid to the alignments of the limbs and the progressive improvement of each individual position. This precision allows you to create space in closed and contracted areas and brings awareness throughout the body.

Another peculiarity of this style is the use of some tools (cushions, belts and blocks) to support the body, in order to maintain the posture longer. This method brings profound benefits and effects, helping people with less flexibility or physical limitations to take positions to achieve the desired effects on the organs and nervous system.

IYENGAR® YOGA is for everyone, from absolute beginners to expert students and is practicable at any age, whatever structure and physical form. Physical and mental well-being, the wonderful Dolomites all around: what more could you want?
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    Improves awareness
  • Yoga Dolomites
    Improves physical health
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    Slows down aging
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    Strengthens the immune system
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    Reduces tiredness
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Our courses, suitable for you

Practicing IYENGAR® YOGA among the peaks of Alta Badia

The lessons are adapted to the needs of each individual and personalized according to the work each of you wants to do for example: stretching, opening the chest, twisting. Sequences are practiced that help develop strength and flexibility, endurance and concentration and correct alignment of the body. They also serve to detoxify the body, improve digestive functions, alleviate back pain and calm the mind from stress and anxiety. The end of the lesson is devoted to recovery and relaxation. Tools such as blankets, belts pads and pillows are provided to adapt postures to individual needs. Sanitization of the material is carried out after each lesson. The Yoga Studio Dolomites wants to be the reference point for yoga in Val Badia. Both for residents and for those staying in Corvara, La Villa or in the various holiday resorts of the valley.
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Drop in classes



Breath, flow and relax - Vinyāsa yoga

Vinyāsa is the combination of breath and movement, moving to breathe and breathing to move. Vinyāsa yoga is nothing but hatha yoga positions, which combine each position with the movement in between. This makes it a very fluid practice. In fact it is a dynamic style of yoga. You will improve your focus, strength and flexibility as well as all the other benefits yoga brings to your lifestyle both mentally and physically.

Meet your teacher:
Berta Sánchez, originally from northern Spain. She fell in love with the mountains and yoga at the age of 18. It has been and it is a journey for her the practice of yoga, and sharing her passion is a gift. Her main practice is Ashtanga Yoga, starting to practice third series and always learning. She has completed two yoga teacher training courses, one in Hatha Vinyasa yoga 200 hours and another in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga 100 hours. She spent 6 months in Purple Valley studying with dedicated teachers such as John Scott, Ty Landrum and Harmony Slater.

Depending on the group, the classes will be in English, Italian or both.
  • Monday
    20:00-21:30 GENERALE
  • Tuesday
    08:00-09:30 GENERALE
  • Wednesday
    20:00-21:30 GENERALE
  • Thursday
    13:00-14:30 GENERALE
  • Friday
    08:00-09:30 LIVELLO 2
  • Sunday
    08:00-09:30 GENERALE


Course 2

Vacanza Yoga in Alta Badia

27-28-29-30 Giugno 2024

Text course.
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Yoga in Alta Badia

The Yoga Studio Dolomites is located at Residence Ada, a welcoming hotel in the beautiful village of San Cassiano, in Alta Badia. Here the harmony of the Dolomite nature interacts with the inner peace generated by yoga.
San Cassiano
Str. Berto 27 39036 - San Cassiano (BZ)